Agfa Film Photography of Latvia


I took my Agfa film camera on holiday with me to Riga, Latvia and actually managed to get a full roll of pictures back!I haven’t had good luck with analogue cameras recently, but this is mainly the cheapo Diana cameras from Lomography where the film doesn’t wind on at all and is just stuck, or the Lomo Action Sampler where the film broke and was entirely exposed to light.

Anyway the old old cameras I was given by my sister who got them on eBay have been much more reliable.  Now, I used this little Agfa before and the pictures came back blurry and out of focus, struggling in low light levels.


I found the Agfa a little confusing with all its dials and what nots.  But boyfriend sort of figured it out, and I remembered about 1 thing he said.   I complained about the camera struggling with low light so he told me to open the aperture wider to let in more light, but the blurriness was probably me shaking the camera around so I should use the fastest shutter speed.  So those were the settings I kept it on all week.  You can see above the pictures that was over exposed as too much light was let in.  This was on a really sunny day and I should have altered the settings to close the aperture a little.  Obviously, with a digital camera you can see your images right away and make those adjustments but I had no idea what this all looked like.


It’s funny how a lot of the photos came out looking like they were taken in the 1970’s, if you pretend it’s a notebook not a phone in the shot above it could have been taken at any time.  I really like the above image.  The large aperture I used resulted in a shallow depth of field which is why the background is out of focus.  The only setting I changed on the camera was the subject distance so it knew to focus on those weird people that kept following me around all holiday…


And I quite like these two photos.  I mean it’s hard to argue with a giant space monkey (and probably dangerous), and the Nativity of Christ Cathedral is quite a striking building.

I’m very pleased with how this roll came out, and it encourages me to use the camera again.  I feel like I understand the settings a little more (it’s hard to learn from mistakes when none of the photos come out at all).  And I bought some expensive weird film to try out, and now I trust the camera more maybe I will get on with it.