November Photo-A-Day

In September I tried to do a selfie-a-day which was a little dull tbh, just lots of pictures of me.  I guess that’s pretty obvious.  But a few years a go I did a-photo-a-day and quite enjoyed it.  I just used my phone, and got a nice collection of photos which summed up the month nicely.

It’s tricky to remember to take one everyday, especially if you’re having a boring day of just going to work.  But it is boyfriend’s birthday so we’re away in London for a few days. And I have another couple of days off to do some Christmas shopping.

Anyway, here is days 1-10:

Day 1- missing!  I got to a great start by forgetting to take a photo on day 1!
Day 2- Left over halloween plants at Morrisons
Day 3- A sheep, on my walk to work
Day 4- knitted poppies at a church for Remembrance Day
Day 5- When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro, taken for my book review post
Day 6- A frosty, hazy morning
Day 7- My planner, I have now developed a sticker addiction
Day 8- A cold, but beautiful blue sky
Day 9- Me!  Wrapped up warm on my way to work
Day 10- Sunrise over the canal