Riga Scrapbook

I bought a small scrapbook from the lomography website where I was spending large amounts of money on 35mm film, actually I bought two scrapbooks by mistake…It’s meant to be for your lomography or analogue photography so I did include some of the images that I had taken with my Agfa camera. I used it to scrapbook my recent trip to Riga, Latvia.  Mostly it’s the photos I took with my phone, which I then printed out at Boots.

This was a much smaller book than I’m used to working with but it did make it quite fun to manage.  Whilst I was in Riga I roughly planned out what I wanted to include.  I collected receipts, sweet wrappers, maps, and leaflets and wrote some notes on scraps of paper to keep track of the photos I had taken and things we’d done.

When I came back home I had fun putting them all in the scrapbook and, finally, using some washi tape to decorate it.  I really like the effect of the washi tape, and have even ordered some more to use in my next scrapbook.  I’m not sure if I’ll use the other one of these books for my next trip (which is to London) or buy another one.