Christmas Tree Skirt

We don’t have a regular Christmas tree but use a large Yucca Plant that boyfriend has had for ages.  So I dress it up with tinsel and festive do-dads but it still has that ugly brown plastic pot.  I made a cover for it a while back but I needed to make another one for Christmas.

It’s based on a full circle. I measured the length I wanted to the skirt to be, and added the radius of the top of the flower pot (that’s the distance from the centre of the circle to the edge).  I then took a square of paper that size.  This became the pattern for a quarter of the skirt. From the top right corner I measure the distance of the radius and drew a curve, then cut the corner off.  From the curve I measured the length I wanted the skirt to be, and drew that out in a curve as well.

Because of the fabric I had available I decided to cut that pattern in half to make 8 sections.  I made on the of the sections bigger than necessary so the tree skirt would overlap and that would hold it onto the flower pot, as there is no other fastening.  I made a lining, also in 8 sections but all in plain red.  It was pretty easy to make, and I’m really pleased with the result.


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