2018 Photo Calendar

I have made my own calendar for quite a few years now.  It means I can make it the size I want, and arrange the dates how I want (mainly meaning a Mon-Sun week, not Sun- Sat), and include my own photographs to make it more personal.  At one point I made complicated and exciting collages of photographs, but I have simplified in my old age.  Nowadays, I use one image for each month, that comes from the same month in the previous year. This years was a comedy of errors from start to finish really.  I selected my photographs and ordered them from Boots, but managed to get the wrong size so had to trim them all down slightly.

2018 calendar pics

I draw the grid lines on myself, and write out the dates.  I discovered a while ago that writing the dates in is actually quicker than typing them out.  Also my printed can not be trusted.  So I prepped three pages to start for the first three months of the year, then stuck the January photograph in on the third page not the first. Sooo…the calendar now goes Feb, March, Jan, April…

2018  calendar pics2.jpg

My next problem was that I messed the March dates, I went 17, 18, 19, 18, 19, 20…so I had to go back and write over the dates making it look super messy.  I then continued with the rest of the months.  At some point around September I realised that my dates were still wrong. I had corrected March’s dates incorrectly which meant the March dates were still wrong and, as a result, the April, May, June, July, August dates were also wrong.

So I had to get some A4 plain paper and write out those months again and stick than on.  I also wrote on some important events like birthdays and managed to put someone’s birthday on the wrong month and had to cover it with a sticker.


2018 calendar pics1

But it’s done now!  It has pictures and dates, and stickers, all you could want from a calendar!