35mm Film Photos with Agfa Camera

The British Museum

We went to London at the end of November, and I managed to use a couple of rolls of film whilst I was there.  It was a little tricky as these cameras do not handle low light levels well at all, so the photos I took inside were all far too dark and by the time we came out of the museums or shops the natural daylight had gone because the sun was setting so early. 

Boyfriend, slightly out of focus

So I was limited as to when I could take pictures which meant I didn’t take as many as I would have liked.  I was using my Agfa camera which takes 35mm film.  It’s one of my East German cameras that I struggled to find much detailed information about but they are very sturdily constructed and reliable.  It is quite weighty as a result and bulky in your pocket or bag but it’s currently my favourite camera because I always get a lot of good snaps.

The Natural History Museum

We were very lucky whilst we were there that it was (very) cold but not at all rainy.  The sky was very clear and light, but this did mean many of the outdoor pictures were overexposed slightly.  But I got some nice shots of the Christmassy ice rink and carousel outside the Natural History Museum.  I got a lot of detail of the building in (although not the entire building as the field of view in analogue cameras is usual so much smaller than digital cameras), and got the energy of the moving carousel without blurring by using a fast shutter speed.

The Natural History Museum

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