Black and White 35mm Film Photography


After finishing my first roll of film in London, I popped in another at which point I realised it was black and white.  Which is why my photos change from colour to much less colour half way through the trip!

I’m not a huge fan of black and white film.  I know the pictures look classy, and poignant, and arty, and whatever…but they are much harder to get right.  With colour images you have the colours to distract you from dodgy composition, with black and white film you have to get the contrast just right to even be able to see what you were taking a picture of.  It’s also harder to get developed, less places do it so I always have to post them away.

St Paul’s Cathedral

I do really like this shot of St Paul’s Cathedral, but it is overexposed somewhat.  The area around there is really built up although there is a little fountain area where we stopped to take a few photos so you can back up a little and get a shot of the entire building with a digital camera or phone.  Not so my Agfa which has a much smaller field of view so I only got it’s hat.

Country life

Back home after our London trip and we got some festive snow which was very cold but very pretty.  It’s the kind of weather that lends itseld nicely to black and white film.  The weather is currently grey and miserable which I suspect would look as rubbish in black and white film as it does in real life.


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