My Favourite Film Photos of 2017

2017 film
Top- Capitol Building, Washington Bottom- St Paul’s Cathedral, London

I always say I want to take more film photos, and then I don’t.  I have definitely reeled off a few rolls of films this year but I would like to have done more.  I would have liked to have used more different cameras.  But when I did try new things they didn’t work out very well.

A big problem is light.  Only a couple of the cameras have flashes.  I don’t like to use flash inside because it’s so very annoying, and outside it does nothing.

I used to use my East German Beirette which was sturdy, chunky, heavy, and very reliable.  Until it all fell apart.  I think a screw came out and it lies in parts somewhere.   Now I use my German Agfa which is sturdy, chunky, heavy, and very reliable.

I also enjoy using my Canon Ixus camera with APS film.  It’s electronic but takes film.  Expensive film.  Top left is the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C taken with the Canon Ixus on a clear sunny day.  And below St Paul’s Cathedral taken with my Agfa on a clear, but cold winter day, with black and white film.

Unknown Person1
Clockwise L-R: Riga, Latvia; Town houses Washington D.C, USA; Edinburgh Botanical Garden, Britain; The British Museum London, Britain; Carousel London, Britain; Coney Island Brooklyn, USA.
2017 film1
Top- Washington Monument, USA. Bottom- Cherry Blossom, Washington D.C, USA.

All the pictures above were either taken with my Canon Ixus or Agfa.  Top left is my Agfa and I was on holday in Riga, Latvia.  I knew the light levels would be low outside so I used a larger aperture to let in more light, but a quicker shutter speed to avoid blurriness from me shaking the camera.  Due to this all my photos from that holiday had a shallow depth of field so the background is out of focus.

Left are some of my shots from our trip to America.  I decided to break out my Diana camera again.  It’s one of the cheaper Lomography cameras and is fairly unreliable.  They have a common issue in that there are no clear instructions on how far to wind the film on to get to the next frame.  And that you the frame counter doesn’t move on so you don’t know how many frames you’ve used or even if the film is turning.  With one roll I had the problem that I took a ton of pictures only to find that the film hadn’t been loaded properly initially.  And I only found that out after opening the film and ruining it.  You can get some weird and wacky effects when frames overlap each other which is what I love about the cherry blossom photo.  But most of the images don’t come out.

I also couldn’t get to grips with the field of vision which was much smaller than I was used to especially since I barely use Diana anymore.  It meant I chopped the top of everything! 

Left: Space monkey, Riga, Latvia. Top Right: Edinburgh Botanical garden, Britain. Bottom Right: Chinatown in Liverpool, Britain.


Coney Island, Brooklyn, USA.

Somehow using these old cameras often makes the subject look older too.  I think it adds a beige haze to everything that’s quite atmospheric.  The above images of Nathan’s hotdogs at Coney Island was taken with my Canon Ixus camera.  It was the very beginning of April but was absolutely freezing that day, with a very cold wind.  This camera sorts out it’s own white balance, and does get a little confused by white sky so tends to overexpose images.

Below is an Agfa photograph that could be from the 1970’s, erm apart from the smart phone.  Like I said before the settings I used gave a shallow field of view, and blurred the background.  I love the effect in this image.

Riga, Latvia


Liverpool, Britain.

The subject does the work in the image above, taken in Liverpool with my Canon Ixus of boyfriend and a Superlambanana.  The Superlambananas are everywhere in L’pool, sort of half sheep, half banana.  This one’s a little weather beaten on the waterfront but the colours are still vivid enough to contrast with the rest of the image.  I also like that it looks like boyfriend is taking him on a little walk.

And below is one of the last photos of the year.  This was with my Agfa and, especially as it is in black and white, it could be from a by gone era.  It was nice to get some shots of the snow we had in early December, which was quite beautiful and unexpected in what has been a very mild winter so far.

Yorkshire, Britain.

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