Anlogue Photography- Minolta

I did a big sort out of my analogue cameras recently, and found my little Minolta.  It’s from the 1980’s, and takes 110 film which is easy to use but tricky to get hold of.  I found my Minolta with film in it and tried to wind it on or take a photo and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.  Turns out the film was finished and I’d just left it in the camera for no reason.   Clearly, I do need to be more organised with my cameras.

There’s a lot of expired film knocking about the internet, which some people seem to like but I find quite annoying.  It tends to leave fuzzy pink dots on all the photos which I don’t really see the appeal of.  These pics are all from the summer, when we had a nice day out in the park wandering through some special gardens which were very pretty.

I also need to work on my focusing and depth of field.  I don’t think this camera works well on subjects like the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey above as they are too big.  But I am glad to get quite a few nice snaps, even if none from this film roll will set the world alight!  It does remind me of a fun summer day out!

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