Le Clic Analogue Photographs

They’re not my most successful photos ever, I’m aware of that! They were taken with my Le Clic camera which takes 110 film.  The 110 film can be a little trickier to find, and expensive (about £10 a roll) but it’s very easy to use.  Lomography make it now, but a lot of the stuff online is expired.  I’ve long since decided that I hate expired film, don’t get why people purposefully use it.  I think maybe it’s different if you use 35mm but the expired 110 stuff I’ve tried is always rubbish.  It all looks all blotchy and weird.  

These were taken last summer on one of the rare sunny days we had.  Apparently, expired film loses it’s light sensitivity so it’s effectively reducing the ISO of the film.  I don’t pay much attention to the ISO of my film anyway, (I’m a very technical photographer!) but I still should have had enough light being outdoors in the summer.  Maybe, expired film is not made for the UK?

Anway, what do you think?

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