Coconut Body Scrub

Here is my body scrub using coconut oil:
1/2 brown sugar
1/2 coconut oil
A few drops of essential oils

Essential oils include tea tree (anti-septic, good for oily skin), rosemary (good for reducing puffiness), orange (good for older skin), grapefruit (good for cellulite), lavender (good for all skin types, helps heal burns), and chamomile (good for eczema).  Those are just a few ideas, but you can’t put essential oils directly onto your skin (apart from lavender and tea tree) so you have to mix them with other oils like coconut.

Body Scrub Coconut OIL1

I actually skipped the essential oil and just used the coconut oil and sugar.  I really like the scrub, you definitely feel the oil residue on your skin afterwards but I have noticed my skin feels smoother after about a week.  I keep the scrub in a Tupperware container and use it in the bath, so I let the tub float around int eh bath for a bit first to melt slightly and soften up!

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