Coconut Oil and Honey Lip Balm

Here is my attempt at homemade lip balm using coconut oil and honey!

1 tbsp raw honey
1 tbsp coconut oil

It has to be RAW honey to get the benefits as the regular kind has all the nutrients cooked out of it, the raw stuff can be expensive but I order some little tester jars with free delivery.

Lip Balm
I melted both the coconut oil and honey a little first then mixed them together.  When they are both liquids the honey is heavier and falls to the bottom leaving the two ingredients separated.  So I waited until after they had started to set again to mix them.  The consistency is quite strange because once cooled the coconut oil is solid but the honey has remained slightly runny.

But because both ingredients are edible you don’t have to worry about accidentally ingesting chemicals or weird ingredients. I had a look at my chap stick and it has 30 ingredients!

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