Here are the links to cool things, people, and sites I’ve found.


DeinonychusJames Green– Cool printmaker based in Sheffield, I have one of his poster’s of a dinosaur naturally.

Geek Crafts– showcase for tonnes/tons of cool geeky crafts from around the net.

Ann Reardon- How To Cook That is a youtube channel, she also has a website, full of awesome baking including a lot on chocolate.  She has an instagram cake, chocolate painting, and edible geodes to name a few.

Su Blackwell

Walter Martin and Paloma Muniz– Artists I did a post on because of their awesome and slightly creepy snow globes!

Su Blackwell– Awesome paper artist who uses old books for her art, I saw her exhibition at the Bronte Museum where she had used Bronte books (duh) to create wonderful scenes.

Javier Perez– Really imaginative pencil drawings incorporating everyday objects.

Craftivist Collective-London based collective doing cool guerilla craftivism.


Burdastyle– BurdaStyle is a DIY fashion and sewing community.  Meaning that it’s chock full of patterns, projects, technical help and advice.  People create profiles then upload projects they’ve made often including instructions or patterns along with them.

Gertie’s New Blog For Better Sewing is a sewing blog started by a woman named Gertie as she worked her way through the Vogue Book For Better Sewing.

Adventures in Dressmaking– I used this blog for help fixing some jeans but there’s other sewing and DIY stuff here too.


Etsy– Well most people know Etsy by now but it’s an online craft shop filled with handmade and vintage stuff, also supplies for your own projects.  Good for Christmas presents!

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Papermash– I just found this website, it sells nice stationary stuff like washi tape, clip boards, cards and prints.

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair– The name is fairly self-explanatory but it is a moving vintage fair setting up in different cities with stalls and stalls of affordable vintage (so don’t expect 1950’s couture).


A Beautiful Mess– This blog is very crafty, and there’s a lot on photography too.  I class it as a lifestyle blog because they have the life I want.


Picasa– free to download programme to sort you pictures allowing you to make cool collages with them.

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