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Analogue Photography

Here’s a few shots of near my house, with a moody grey sky.  These were taken with my Canon Ixus and 35mm APS film.  I am quite impressed with the clarity of the image and the depth of field.    I don’t have any really exciting to add to this.  Not much is happening in the shots as I was just using up the roll!


Silette-L Film Camera

Having some film issues with my APS and 110 film cameras (namely that the film is stupidly expensive) so I decided to move onto another camera that took regular, cheap, 35m film.  I’ve never used my Silettel-L so I did a little research first.p1040108

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Holiday Photos- Canon Ixus and APS Film

My little Canon Ixus has been something of an undertaking to get up and running. It’s a film camera but it’s also electronic. It has to have special film called APS or Advanced Photo System film, and a special battery which cost £8.

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