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My Favourite Film Photos of 2017

2017 film
Top- Capitol Building, Washington Bottom- St Paul’s Cathedral, London

I always say I want to take more film photos, and then I don’t.  I have definitely reeled off a few rolls of films this year but I would like to have done more.  I would have liked to have used more different cameras.  But when I did try new things they didn’t work out very well.

A big problem is light.  Only a couple of the cameras have flashes.  I don’t like to use flash inside because it’s so very annoying, and outside it does nothing.

I used to use my East German Beirette which was sturdy, chunky, heavy, and very reliable.  Until it all fell apart.  I think a screw came out and it lies in parts somewhere.   Now I use my German Agfa which is sturdy, chunky, heavy, and very reliable.

I also enjoy using my Canon Ixus camera with APS film.  It’s electronic but takes film.  Expensive film.  Top left is the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C taken with the Canon Ixus on a clear sunny day.  And below St Paul’s Cathedral taken with my Agfa on a clear, but cold winter day, with black and white film.

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Black and White 35mm Film Photography


After finishing my first roll of film in London, I popped in another at which point I realised it was black and white.  Which is why my photos change from colour to much less colour half way through the trip!

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