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Camera Clean Up

I always want to take more analogue photographs, and set it as a sort of New Year goal.   And I always seem to get to the end of the year and feel like I haven’t done enough.  Well it costs money to have films developed, and I struggle to find occasions to photograph.  I know the ethos of Lomography is along the lines of ‘no need for an occasion just go out and shoot’ but they are not people who spend most of their free time hanging around the house doing laundry.  It’s pretty impossible to use most of my cameras inside due to the low light levels, and during the week in the winter it’s dark when I set off to work and return home.  So that screws that up.

Still I decided to give my film cameras a sort out, and see what I’ve got and keep them better organised.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to always have one on the go, so that I can just grab it and shoot if I do end up doing something exciting.

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Agfa Film Photos

cnv00011I got some more photos developed from my analogue camera.  This time it was from my Agfa which I was clearly shaking all over the place when I took the snaps because they pretty much all came out blurry.

This was really the first time using it, I did shoot a roll of film in it before but after paying about £10 to develop the roll of pictures my sister had left in there about 3 yrs earlier.  All my hard work down the drain.

With this roll I got two decent images of Castle Hill where we go on Christmas Day for a walk. Continue reading “Agfa Film Photos”