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Film Photos From My Disposable Fujifilm Camera

I bought a disposable fujifilm camera at Christmas on a whim (£4 from Currys) and finally got the roll developed.  I really need to learn to use the flash with these types of cameras as they do struggle in low lighting.  As well as in lighting I wouldn’t class as ‘low’ but the camera does.  The camera had ISO 200 colour film allowing in less light than a higher ISO.  And on a basic camera like this you can’t adjust the aperture size to compensate for a lower ISO.  Most of the images were quite dark, although the graininess of them is quite atmospheric.  I did some basic digital editing on the images to improve the contrast and you can see how that alters the images below.

fujifilm camera

And the ones below are the best images from the bunch.  It’s a shame the ones I took of the meercats at Tropical World weren’t better.  Below there are some left over mushroom tent thingies from the Lantern Festival in Roundhay Park which looked awesome on the adverts but cost money… The image has an odd pinkish hue which looks quite cool.  And below it there is a shot of a building in Leeds on a cool crisp day, which has blue tones.  And there is a very exciting picture of Keighley Post Office Depot.  At the time boyfriend questioned the why I would want to take a picture of it.  But I think we can all agree it’s quite magnificent.

fujifilm camera

I like using the disposable cameras, they’re easy and fairly reliable.  I have a holiday booked to America in a month and was wondering which camera to take.  I want something reliable, light, compact, and easy to use which leads me towards my digital camera!  But disposable ones do remind me of the olden days when they were always what you took on holidays.


Agfa Film Photos

cnv00011I got some more photos developed from my analogue camera.  This time it was from my Agfa which I was clearly shaking all over the place when I took the snaps because they pretty much all came out blurry.

This was really the first time using it, I did shoot a roll of film in it before but after paying about £10 to develop the roll of pictures my sister had left in there about 3 yrs earlier.  All my hard work down the drain.

With this roll I got two decent images of Castle Hill where we go on Christmas Day for a walk. Continue reading “Agfa Film Photos”

Silette-L Film Camera

Having some film issues with my APS and 110 film cameras (namely that the film is stupidly expensive) so I decided to move onto another camera that took regular, cheap, 35m film.  I’ve never used my Silettel-L so I did a little research first.p1040108

Continue reading “Silette-L Film Camera”

Beirette Film Photography


These are some more film photos using my Beirette camera and it’s reliable German engineering!  Some from just before my birthday which was way back in April but I only just got them developed.Collages5

I went with mum to an art studio and a gallery over Easter weekend. And she made a vegetable tart and was extremely proud of her handiwork. I like the picture of the easels top left.Collages4

And finally, a very nice sunny weekend when I sat in the park, and also opened the back of my camera before I had rewound the film and added the exciting pink hue to the last few shots in the role.

Film Photography- Minolta Autopak 470

I got a bunch more film cameras from sister, including a small Minolta Autopak 470,  which takes 110 film.  I used expired film, which I bought because it’s supposed to give cool results, although it’s a gamble because it might just be a blurry mess.  I’ve used expired film before and always found it lame.  I wanted to practice with this camera because I think I’ll take it on holiday with my next month as it’s so small and easy to carry.


Above is Tropical World which is very hot so the lens kept fogging up, and those were the best pictures of the animals. As you can see it’s quite fuzzy but also the colour is all washed out which I think is due to the film being expired.

They are better than the pictures below though which were off a boat race in the park (well on a lake in the park).  Part of the problem here though may be that I wasn’t setting the focus correctly, but the pink dots all over the place are the film not me!


Beirette Film Photography

I used my Beirette camera and earl grey ISO 100 film to take these pictures of Bolton Abbey, it was a really nice sunny day which is why some of the photos came out over exposed.  I really like this one of the teenagers queuing to walk over the stepping stones.  I had some trouble with the early half of the film because I hadn’t focused the camera properly and the landscapes worked out much better than the up close and personal ones.

Film PhotographyFilm PhotographyWe went to Liverpool and I finished off the black and white film there, I got this nice (albeit overexposed) image of the pier at Southport.  If you think the sea looks weird that’s because it is sand with some little puddly bits.  But the way the pier shoots off towards the horizon is pretty cool- like I’m a proper artist.  SouthportLiverpoolAnd a few of Liverpool- we found a big anchor and a big telescope.  I switched over to colour before we left and took a few of the park in Southport, as well as the fountain and statue in Liverpool.   The black and white are more arty but weirdly harder to get developed.  Even though you can develop black and white in your own bathroom easier than colour to get it done professionally you have to send it away which is annoying!Film PhotographyFilm Photography

Beirette Film Photography- Going For A Walk

Beirette PhotographyHere are some snaps of a little walk in the local countryside.  I ruined a few by opening the back of the camera to check the film and you can see the effects of the light on the ones above, although I think it’s a pretty cool effect. It’s all because I didn’t set the counter to 24 when I put the film in so at the end of the roll it still said 13 and I didn’t know why it wasn’t taking pictures. Live and learn!

Beirette Film Photography

Panasonic Lumix DMC- TZ55 Camera Settings

I somehow managed to break my digital camera so I picked up a new one- it’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ55.  I’ve gone for a Lumix twice before and been satisfied so this is really similar to my old camera but has a much better zoom (20 optical zoom).  You can also flip the screen up to take selfies! This is legitimately helpful for blog photos!

Camera SettingsI like film photography but nowadays you can get most of the effects digitally so I thought I would check them out.  There are a bunch of different options in the ‘artistic’ settings; Expressive, Retro, Old Days, High Key, Low Key, Sepia, Dynamic Monochrome, Impressive Art, High Dynamic,/Cross Process, Toy Effect, Miniature Effect, Soft Focus, Star Filter, One Point Color.

Camera SettingsI like having the options, but I’m not sure when I would want to use these different settings. The sepia makes things look older, as does the olden days setting although in a more subtle way.

I like the black and white the best and I’m curious about the miniature effect setting although I haven’t yet figured that out.

I think it will probably work the best on Camera Settingscityscapes from further away rather than the garden I was photographing. You can see in the picture of me I took in miniature effect that it blurred the image quite a bit.

There ware also 4 cross processing options (in green, blue, red, and yellow) but they didn’t look that different.  Cross processing is when you purposefully use the wrong chemicals to develop the film.  It should make the images look all wacky but it didn’t.

Beirette Film Photography- Camping Photos

Here’s some more of my film photography, using my 1960’s East German Beirette camera and ISO colour 800 film.

Beirette Film PhotographyWe went camping, and enjoyed a brief play on the beach before hitting a beer festival.  A lot of the photos were slightly blurred which I think in part is because of how much it shakes the camera when you take a picture- but the shutter speed is quite fast so usually that is compensated for.  CampingIt was quite a bright day and you can also see that a lot of colour was washed out.  I can’t actually remember if I was using ISO 400 or 800 film for this but the 800 would have been much more sensitive to light so that might explain it.Camping And here are some animals- gibbons, guinea pigs, meercats, and seals been fed although I didn’t really angle the camera well enough for a good shot of that last one!