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Children’s Dressing Gown

I made a dressing gown for the niece for Christmas.  It wasn’t exactly difficult to construct but got quite fiddly in places.  I got some fleece fabric from eBay, there are quite a few fleece sellers on eBay but they all seem to stock the same 5 patterns.  I liked this one as it had cute elephants on it. But also some of the elephants were upside down it would make it less obvious at the seams when the pattern didn’t match up.

I used blue for the body and sleeves and brown for the trim.  In my first attempt I made a booboo by cutting one of my sleeves the wrong way round (like having two right arms), and had to order more fabric.  So now I have a lot left over…Anyway, inside I kept the seams neat by doing French seams which can be hard to run through a sewing machine when you’re using thick fabric.

My main area of concern was the collar.  I created the pattern by adjusting a kids dress pattern I already had, and I looked at dressing gowns in shops and online to guide me.   But pretty much all of the ones I looked at had hoods, which I didn’t want to add because I didn’t know how to make that pattern piece and it would take a lot of fabric.  And, not for the first time, I realised I did not know how big my niece’s head is.  So I wasn’t sure how to finish the collar and lapels. So I left it undone pretty much, I wasn’t totally happy with it but it sort of worked.