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Peg Bag

How To Make A Peg Bag

Well it’s the post you’ve been waiting for, this is it people, it’s how to make a peg bag!

The weather FINALLY turned decent (it had torrentially raining for days).  I was able to put a few loads of laundry in and use the washing line.  It was an exciting time for us.  But I realised we needed a peg bag.

What You Need

  • Fabric- I used 4 fat quaters, because I lined mine.  Without a lining you could get away with 2.
  • Coat hanger

What You Do

  1. Position your coat hanger at the top of your fabric and draw a line along the top of it.   The cut along that line, leaving some extra seam allowance.  Then figure out how long you want the bag to be and cut the fabric to that length, again leaving some extra seam allowance.  I did this in my main fabric and lining fabric.  This was the back
  2. I sewed those front sides together, leaving a gap of a few inches in one corner so I could then turn it right side out.  I didn’t bother to sew this up yet, just pinned it closed.
  3. I used the remainder of those fat quarters to make the top of the front.  Again I followed the curve of the coat hanger for the top.  The amount I had left went about a third of the way down which was perfect.   Again I sewed them right sides together, leaving my gap in the top right corner.
  4. And I used my other fat quarters for the bottom of the front, pretty simple just a rectangle for the bottom two thirds of the front.  And sewed these right sides together, with a gap bottom right.
  5. Then I put the coat hanger on the top piece again and marked on where the head went so I could leave a gap for it.  Then I sewed the front pieces to the back pieces, right sides together. The front is just left open for easy access to the pegs.
  6. Then I ironed it, and inserted the coat hanger.  And done!

With hindsight, a neater way to do it would have been to create the lining in one piece and the outer layer in one pieces and then attaching them. Also I should have ironed the fabric first but there we go.  Still it took about an hour to make, it’s pretty, it’s got dinosaurs on it, and it’s actually practical.  Win, win, win, win!


DIY Vinyl Record Bowls

Vinyl Record PlayerHere’s something I’ve been thinking about making for ages and since I am moving house once again I thought I would take advantage of having some space and freedom before being re-incarcerated into a house share again 🙁

So DIY Record Bowls made with old vinyl records and they are easy to make, all you need is some old vinyl records, an oven, and something ovenproof for the record to stand on. Vinyl Record Bowls

  1. Preheat your oven to about 150 C.
  2. Place an ovenproof bowl or mug on a baking tray and place the record on top. Remember that the label facing down when you put the record in the oven is the label you will see at the bottom of the bowl when it’s done.
  3. Leave it in the oven for a few minutes until the record has gone all floppy.  Remove from the oven (careful as the record will be quite warm) and quickly shape with fingers.  You only have a few seconds before it cools down too much, but you can always put it back in the oven again.  As well as shaping it with your fingers you can take the floppy record and squish it into a glass or ceramic bowl to shape it and then leave to cool.