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Camera Clean Up

I always want to take more analogue photographs, and set it as a sort of New Year goal.   And I always seem to get to the end of the year and feel like I haven’t done enough.  Well it costs money to have films developed, and I struggle to find occasions to photograph.  I know the ethos of Lomography is along the lines of ‘no need for an occasion just go out and shoot’ but they are not people who spend most of their free time hanging around the house doing laundry.  It’s pretty impossible to use most of my cameras inside due to the low light levels, and during the week in the winter it’s dark when I set off to work and return home.  So that screws that up.

Still I decided to give my film cameras a sort out, and see what I’ve got and keep them better organised.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to always have one on the go, so that I can just grab it and shoot if I do end up doing something exciting.

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Analogue Photos with the Le Clic camera

I had an old film in my Le Clic camera for a while, and I finished it off a few weeks ago.  I found some old photos from a walk I went on with the family back in October!  Above is mt dad, sister, and niece.  The film is out of date which gives it an annoying pink blurriness which annoys me.

These images are more recent, still the same role though.  This is a walk boyfriend and I did in May.  It’s not great at capturing detail, as a result I think the above photo looks like a water colour.

My Favourite Film Photos of 2016

Well this year my beloved Beirette camera broke which was rather distressing, so I’ve been mixing it up with my other cameras.  I used my IXUS film camera which has expensive APS film and processing, and you don’t get many frames but the shots do come out really well.  Below are some of my best shots with it from my trip to Rome and Sicily.  Continue reading “My Favourite Film Photos of 2016”

Film Photography- Le Clic Camera

I sent of three rolls of film recently to be developed for the delightful price of £22.50 (I’ll say it again, there is a reason why people went digital!)

I had a roll of 110 film from my Le Clic camera, and two more from my Beirette.  These are the few that came out for the Le Clic, I’m not sure if it was my picture taking, low lighting, or the film but most of the pictures failed.  I did buy expired film for the camera, it’s a gamble but can produce interesting results.  Cult members from the church of Lomography call it ‘dreamy’ the rest of the world calls it ‘blurry’. Continue reading “Film Photography- Le Clic Camera”

Le Clic Photos of Christmas

I took some photos with my Le Clic film camera, which takes 110 film.  Hard to get hold of, expensive to get developed, but easy to use.  I did totally forgot that the film was black and white though.  And these are the results.


We went to Castle Hill– which is a local hill. It was incredibly grey and rainy which perhaps does not come up in the black and white video.  Poor baby nieve was dragged out of the car, wrapped up in her tiny hat, and forced to pose for photos.


So once again a few rather nice snaps but a low hit rate for the 24 exposure film. I did get a bunch of black pictures which are very exciting, and would have benefitted from the flash being on. But something about turning the flash on seems so wrong for some reason, maybe flashin lights are offensive to my ancestral people…  Also I did think I was using colour film…

Le Clic 110 Film Photos

I bought some expired Kodak Gold 110 film so I could take some more pictures with my Le Clic camera.

It’s a 24 exposure film but only 9 came out and they are quite grainy- I think that’s because it’s expire film.  You take a risk with expired film but it can create some interesting results.


I took some photos when I was in York in November, it was cold and felt quite Christmassy.  The photo of the Cathedral came out well, and also of a crane.

Analogue/Film Photography of Munich

I used my Le Clic camera and Tiger 110 lomography film* when I was in Munich recently.  It’s light weight and easy to use- a lot easier than lomography camera imo!  The film is really easy to deal with, and you don’t need to rewind it when you’re done.  Getting it developed was a little trickier as my usual place Jessops don’t do 110 anymore, but I have a place I use online.  It cost £10 for development and cd rom without prints.

Munich Le Clic Film Photography 110 filmNaysayer boyfriend didn’t think the pictures would come out as he believed that it would only be able to focus on things about 30m away.  He was wrong but some of the images were too dark as I didn’t use the flash. I don’t like using the flash on non-digital cameras as it’s really hard to turn it off afterwards.le clic 110 munich and salzburg

Above you can see the Munich Olympic Stadium from 1972, and the view of Munich from the top of the Olympic Tower. You can see more photos of it on my other blog!
Munich Le Clic Film Photography 110 film

And this is the Englischer Garten on a very hot July afternoon, during the Japan Festival.  Although we didn’t really see much of the festival because there were so many people!

*They also do Lobster and Peacock, I don’t know what they are supposed to do because all the colours in the images look normal to me.