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Sewing Bee Leggings- First Attempt

Mum bought me ‘The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe’ a while back, when that show was the hot new thing.  I’ve only just got around to looking it over properly.  To be honest most of the garments weren’t my style but I wanted to give a couple a go.  It’s supposed to be accessible if you’re a beginner, and the leggings were marked as ‘easiest’ difficulty, so how could I go wrong? Continue reading “Sewing Bee Leggings- First Attempt”

Leggings- First Attempt

I am very much of the opinion that leggings (as usual worn by contemporary ladies) are really a type of underwear.  They are not trousers, they are see-through.  And you know they are see-through, that’s why you are wearing a thong with them so that people can’t see your underwear, but now they can see your bum… Continue reading “Leggings- First Attempt”