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(Healthy) Chocolate Oranges

I struck upon a healthier way to enjoy chocolate orange this Christmas.  No, it’s not quite as good the real thing, but they were pretty yummy.  They were also incredibly easy.  I think they could have done with more chocolate personally.  And you probably want a napkin when you’re eating… Continue reading “(Healthy) Chocolate Oranges”

How to Make a Christmas Pomander

A Pomander (from the French pomme d’ambre- apple of amber) was a ball of perfumes such as ambergris carried in a ball from your neck or belt in the Middle Ages, but obviously everyone knows that…

Modern Pomanders are Oranges with cloves stuck in them- I’m not sure that a How To is exactly necessary here…

1. Get a big fresh orange.

2. Get some cloves (whole not ground from the spice section).

3. Tie a ribbon or string around the orange this is for decoration but also so you can hang it up later on.

4. Stick the cloves into the orange- the cloves have a long stem to push into the orange, expect a few to break in construction and your finger to hurt by the end of it!  You can put them in randomly or come up with a jazzy pattern.

Christmas Pomanders

Put it in the airing cupboard to dry it out.  They can then keep for years as a room or drawer deodoriser and Christmas decoration.  If you can’t dry it out before hand then you can still use them but they will only last a few weeks- especially if you have the heating on.