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2018 Photo Calendar

I have made my own calendar for quite a few years now.  It means I can make it the size I want, and arrange the dates how I want (mainly meaning a Mon-Sun week, not Sun- Sat), and include my own photographs to make it more personal.  At one point I made complicated and exciting collages of photographs, but I have simplified in my old age.  Nowadays, I use one image for each month, that comes from the same month in the previous year. Continue reading “2018 Photo Calendar”

Rio Olympics

So…the Olympic Games opened in Rio today and it seems unlikely that I’ll be going…seeing as though I am in the UK, and without any money (and also not an athlete of any kind).  I do love sports, and the Olympics always gets me excited.  I know it’s a beast costing ludicrous amounts of money, pissing off local people, and has various environmental and political impacts.   Which is a shame because the amazing physical feats of the athletes (requiring more mental strength then anything else), Continue reading “Rio Olympics”

Postcard Embroidery

I’ve seen some fun stuff that people have done when sewing or embroidering paper, especially postcards,  I’ve also seen an artist my mum knows who sews ceramics, somehow!  But I thought I’d start with postcards.



Continue reading “Postcard Embroidery”

Wrapping Paper Idea

I couldn’t find any fun wrapping paper for boyfriend’s anniversary present I decided to just use some brown paper and jazz it up a bit.

I just used thread and washi tape (finally found a use for washi tape!). I folded strips of washi tape over the thread and then cut the ends into points to make it bunting-y.  I also used my little heart hole punch to stick little hearts on the bottom. Continue reading “Wrapping Paper Idea”

Crepe Paper Flowers- Mother's Day Gift Idea

Here’s a cheaper alternative to buying flowers as a gift…I mean here’s a way to show someone you care about them with a hand crafted gift…

  • Pink and yellow crepe paper
  • Green wire sticks
  • Florist tape
  • Glue and scissors

First things first cut a strip of yellow crepe paper about 2-3cm wide and 10cm long, the longer you make it the more voluminous the polleny bit of the flower (I’m going with the stamen) will be. Make cuts into the crepe every 5mm all the way along the strip.  Glue one end to a piece of wire and roll the rest of the strip around.

Next cut out the petals, 4 small and 4 large.  I made up the shape, basically it’s half an oval but gone all wiggly around the top of the curve edge.  Start with the small petals and arrange them around the stamen and use the green florists tape to tape it in place.  Then do the same again with the larger petals.

Et voila!


Helen Friel

Cool Find- Helen Friel Paper Artist

Helen Friel is a London based paper engineer which is one of those made-up sounding careers that I totally should have taken up.  It does seem that her job is just to make paper things for photo shoots for magazines to accompany articles but what she makes is quite cool.

IntotheVoid Helen Friel

This image was for the Time Magazine article ‘Into the Void’. 


This was a piece from a solo show she did at Coningsby Gallery in 2013

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Runjing Wang- Paper Artist

Runjong Wang Book Art

Runjing Wang is a Chinese artist who uses books and paper to create beautiful pieces.   He has a series of Map Books;

‘ [A map] not only helps people find the way, but also represents the characters of the city. What I am looking for is how the map can be used in the visual way, the relationships between different maps, and how the structure influences the content of book by changing the way of reading.’

I love maps too, and books, and (perversely) cutting them up to make art- so I like his stuff!

Su Blackwell

Cool Find- Su Blackwell

Cool Find

I saw paper/book artist Su Blackwell at the Bronte Museum a while back and it was pretty cool; she had cut up some of the Bronte’s books to create her work.  She has a gallery of comissioned works on her website that are awesome (but very expensive!).

Su Blackwell

I like that her work is a lot less mass produced than Rob Ryan (who is much more well known) who’s paper cut outs are on everything including things like tea towels here they are clearly now cut out, and even the cut out cards are done by machine not by hand.