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November Photo A Day

In September I tried to do a selfie-a-day which was a little dull tbh, just lots of pictures of me.  I guess that’s pretty obvious.  But a few years a go I did a-photo-a-day and quite enjoyed it.  I just used my phone, and got a nice collection of photos which summed up the month nicely.

It’s tricky to remember to take one everyday, especially if you’re having a boring day of just going to work.  But it is boyfriend’s birthday so we’re away in London for a few days. And I have another couple of days off to do some Christmas shopping.

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I got this idea from A Beautiful Mess book, to take a self-portrait (classy way of saying selfie) everyday for a month.  In the book they take beautiful photos of people in meadows holding novelty lamps or something.  I had less to work with. It was a rainy, grey September, and the selfie camera has clearly broken.  You can see easily which pictures I took with the front camera and which ones were with the back one. Continue reading “Self-Portrait-a-Day”

Photo A Day July 25th to 31st

I did this ages ago, last October when I took a photo every day for October and I actually really liked the result.  So I thought I would resurrect it for July, I’m guaranteed to get some good pictures on my summer jolidays.  The rules are that I use my phone, and only use one photo from each day. Continue reading “Photo A Day July 25th to 31st”

Photo A Day- October 25- Nov 1st

And the month is over, and so is my photo-a-day challenge.  The last part of the month proved to be less photogenic than the first, mainly rainy and grey.  Still I was feeling pretty good that I had remembered to take a picture everyday…until October 27th happened…

It was a dull grey day, I spent most of it at work, afterwards I headed to the gym, then home.  It was uninspired and the next day I wondered what gem I had found to photograph and include on my blog, and that’s when it hit me…I hadn’t taken a photo at all on the 27th!

I failed you all!

I thought I could just use one from the previous day but decided against it and instead just left a space where that photo should have gone.  To remember that terrible day.

I also went up to November 1st so that it would be a multiple of 8 and I could do another collage.

october photo project

Day 25th- Pumpkins at the supermarket
Day 26th- Wallpaper with bees on it
Day 27th- 🙁
Day 28th- My zebra scarf/wall art
Day 29th- Attempt at crochet- was meant to be a snowflake
Day 30th- Rainy day
Day 31st- Me and boyfriend in weird pixel form
Day 32nd- Waiting for my dad at the pub

Photo-A-Day- October

Getting towards the end of my photo-a-day photo challenge for October and these are the images from 17th-24th.  I’ve been getting back into my regular, mundane, routine after my holiday so I’m not sure the photos are that exciting.  In fact, one day I went to bed thinking I had forgotten to take one but woke up and realised I had taken a dull picture of a hotel on my way to work.october photo project

Day 17- attempting to make a pumpkin soup.
Day 18- trip to Fred Aldous craft store- through the glass.
Day 19- carrot cake for someone’s leaving do at work.
Day 20- getting back into the gym.
Day 21- early start at work, walking past this hotel.
Day 22- creating a low-fi standing desk so I’m not sat down all the time.
Day 23- another early start and the sun hasn’t fully risen when I arrive at work.
Day 24- pumpkins!

Photo A Day 9-16th

I’ve been taking a photo a day for October, and I posted the first 8 days earlier.  This is the next 8 days (Oct 9th -16th), these ones are a little less standard October as I went on holiday to La Palma in the Canary Islands and Barcelona.

october photo projectStarting with the top left picture:

Day 9- exciting airport shot!
Day 10- view from our hotel in La palma
Day 11- La Palma coast from near the top of one of the volcanoes.
Day 12- the clouds in the caldera (volcano crater) on the top of La Palma
Day 13 – Bananas are big business in La Palma.
Day14- boyfriend in LA palma airport.
Day 15- little divey restaurant in Barcelona which provided much needed food and drink.
Day16- Barcelona marina.

Photo A Day- October 1-8

A little project I set for myself was to take a photograph a day for the month of October to document the month. I decided to use my phone to take the pictures, although it doesn’t give the best quality I’m more likely to have it on me than my digital camera, and I don’t have to wait for film pictures to develop.

It’s the 9th of October now, and I’ve done 8 photos (not much has happened yet today), and this project has already brought up some interesting questions.  Like is it cheating if I’m looking for stuff to photograph, should it be an accurate representation of my day-to-day life (difficult since I can’t take photos at work) or should it be nice things that I see.  Will doing this project automatically change the way I see things or the things I see, and do I just take one picture a day or a few and pick the best one? october photo project

This is the first 8 days.

Day 1 is the nice buildings in front of my bus stop as I waited for my bus.
Day 2 is the fog!
Day 3 is the gooseberries and crumble that boyfriend and I used to make gooseberry crumble.
Day 4 was the tree in the park where I ate lunch.
Day 5 was the bar where we do a pub quiz.
Day 6 is one of decorative arcades in town.
Day 7 was an empty bus (kind of creepy to be the only person on board)!
Day 8 was an autumn display in a shop window.