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T-Shirt Printing With Inkodye

I posted before about using Inkodye to ‘sun print’; using photo sensitive dye on fabric and then exposing it to sunlight.  I tried before to print using a film negative (blown up and printed on acetate) but the acetate curled up and let the light in, but the dye underneath also didn’t dry properly.Inkodye

This time I printed a quote onto the acetate and then cut the words out and placed them over the dye, then exposed it all to light.  The individual words didn’t curl up and were easier to work with than the large sheet of acetate, although I did pin a couple of them down.lumi

InkodyeI had put the inkodye into spray bottles and so just spritzed on some blue and purple dye, then placed the words on top.  I left it by my window for about 30mins, it was an overcast day at about 5pm but on a bright day it should take about 10mins.  I ended up leaving it overnight because I didn’t want to move it and ruin it.

In the morning I put it in the wash with the Inkodye detergent which sets the dye so it continue to react in the light, however it did seem to react slightly and the text went a little blue as it dried. But this is a significant improvement over my last attempt.


Rubber Stamps

Printing With Rubber Stamps

I’ve heard more than once about using rubbers/erasers to make stamps but I’d never actually tried it.  For one thing rubbers are not something I really keep around the house anymore so it’s a trek into town to purchase them.  But trek I did and I bought two for £2, they’re just regular (cheap) ones that you might put in a boring child’s pencil case.

Anyway, I drew on my designs; HAPPY XMAS and a Christmas Tree because I want to jazz up my plain brown wrapping paper for Christmas.  I had to write my text backwards as the stamps print in reverse.


Rubber Printing5I then used a tool I had got into a Scratch Image set a while ago to cut away at the rubber leaving the letters and tree remaining.

I pressed the rubber stamps into a ink stamp pad I have and then did some test prints.  I like it turned out really cute!  I plan to go and buy some more and make different designs like stars and holly.





Previous Make- Stegosaurus Printed T-Shirt

Stegosaurus Tshirt

I suppose if I’d have wanted to be super fancy I would have made the t-shirt from scratch too but I just bought a pre-made one to experiment with and went to town with some dino printing.  I bought some thin foam sheets that cost about 50p each from Hobbycraft (I loves me some hobbycraft!) and drew a stegosaurus onto it.

I should point out I like dinosaurs, and was really indulging in dino love at this time of my life (I have dino stickers, posters, hair grips, fabric, cards, temporary tattoos, ornaments).  But thinking practically the image for printing had to have a simple and recognisable outline as any detail would be lost.  So a stegosaurus was the obvious choice.

I bought some Dylon fabric paint and painted it on to the foam stegs then printed them on to the t-shirt, but the foam didn’t transfer very well and I had to paint over them with a paintbrush and I ended up using a whole little pot of paint and I only painted them on one side of the t-shirt.