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The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov- Book Review

Isaac Asimov is probably the daddy of sci-fi writing right?  He was extremely prolific, writing or editing about 500 books.  He was known for ‘hard’ science fiction, a sub-genre of sci-fi known for its scientific accuracy.  He wrote some of his most famous works in the 1940’s and 50’s though, so now it’s less about detecting scientific accuracy and checking whether his view of the future has actually come true.

I read Foundation a while ago, part of his famous Foundation series, which I enjoyed.  It begins with the Galactic Empire falling and a subsequent 1000 year dark age.  The book moves through subsequent generations trying to rebuild the galactic empire.   There are actually 7 books in the Foundation series, including some prequels added later on, but I stopped at the second book which was a little too confusing my little brain. Continue reading “The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov- Book Review”

Steampunk Softie Minerva Dupine

Steampunk, if you didn’t know is a kind of re-imagining of the 19th century or American Wild West; sci-fi fuelled by steam power!  There’s all kinds of steampunk flavoured trinkets, books, and dressing up options (think bodices and ray guns).  Boyfriend bought me a cute book for Christmas called ‘Steampunk Softies’ featuring cute steampunk people for you to sew and love.

I picked out Minerva Dupine, because she looked cool and because she required the least ingredients to make her (all in all it cost about £30 to put her together, I had to order online and buy larger amounts than I needed).  It got a little fiddly at time but I’m pretty pleased with the finished result- the big problem is that her head is really heavy and flops over so I have to rest her against the wall!  But I like her style and think the monocle and chain is really cute.


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