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Steampunk Costume- Ruched Skirt

I did a post before about a fabric haul I had made with the intention of making a steampunk costume.  Boyfriend and I are thinking of going to a steampunk event and I’ve been planning my costume.  If you do a google search you will find some really cool outfits but also a lot of ladies who seem to forgotten to put there clothes on (there does seem to be a big steampunk/burlesque/porn crossover on the web, but then most things crossover with porn on the web I guess…), these are some of the pictures I’ve been using for inspiration:

Steampunk ideas1

I started off with the skirt which I felt would be the easiest part of the costume.  I wanted a ruched skirt (ruched in the front and flat in the back to accommodate the bustle I plan to make) with a tulle/gauzy underskirt.  I didn’t have enough gauzy fabric for a full skirt so I just made a poufy bit and sewed it on the bottom of the skirt!

Ruched skirt Steampunk Ruched skirt Steampunk Costume

1, I had a rectangle of fabric large enough to go around my widest point.  I hemmed the bottom.

2, I created the waistband which is a tube for elastic to go.

3 +4, I fed the elastic through the waistband.

5, I loosely sewed along the bottom of my gauzy fabric (without back stitching).

6, I pulled one of the threads which ruched the fabric.


1, I ruched the skirt and planned out how I wanted it to look.

2, I pinned the wrong side of the skirt where I wanted the ruching.

3, I sewed it.

4, This is the right side of the skirt.  I actually added some more ruching to it though.





Steampunk Ruched Skirt Steampunk Ruched Skirt



And this is the finished skirt- not totally convinced by the ruffly fake underskirt but I can edit the costume as I go.

I am going to add a long bustle on the back, and wear it with a blouse.  And then either a waistcoat or blazer (corsets are popular but hard to make and, I assume, uncomfortable to wear).

Dinosaur Skirt

Dinosaur Tier Skirt

So I bought a child’s dinosaur duvet cover…and it was only available in a single cover because children are small and get all the good stuff.  My intention was also to make something from it (tip: duvet covers are a good source of fabric, especially second hand double ones where you get lots of fabric for small moneys).

Dinosaur Tier Skirt

I decided to make a simple skirt with an elasticated waist- no messing with zips (my arch nemesis).  To make it more interesting I made it a tier skirt; I made it with three layers.

To do likewise you first need a few measurements:

  • Your waist (at the point you want the skirt to sit, usually just above your hip)
  • Your hips (your widest point) +10-20cm depending on how much wiggle room you want!
  • The length of the skirt (from the point you measure your waist down to where you want the skirt to stop)
  • The length of the layers (optional, I started off with each layer 10cm longer than the last but changed it to 7cm when I was sewing because I thought it looked better)
  • When you cut out your fabric you need to add some seam allowance too- at least 1cm for seams and 3 for hems

My waist is 74cm, my hips are 104cm, and I wanted the skirt to be 50cm.  So I cut one piece of fabric 76cm x 120cm x 55cm.  One piece was 76cm x 120cm x 48cm, and the last was 76cm x 120cm x 39cm.

You need enough fabric to cut out these layers (or as many layers as you want) they can the same pattern or a mix and match.  You also need some elastic 1.5inches wide and the same length as your waist measurement.

Dinosaur Tier Skirt

The first thing you should do is hem the fabric- this is usually the last step but it is much easier to hem a straight line than a circle so you should do it first.*  

Then take a long strip of fabric which is as long as your skirt is wide (so for me that was 120cm as that was my widest measurement plus some extra), and the strip should be more than 3 1/4 inches wide so that it comfortably folds over the elastic.  But don’t actually put the elastic in yet.  Then fold the fabric in half longways and baste along the long edge, I use a long lose running stitch on my machine.  This is the waistband.

Dinosaur Tier Skirt

I lay the three layers of my skirt on top of each other and made sure they lined up and pinned them together.  Then I folded the skirt in half (right sides together) and sewed the pieces together.  The turn right sides out- it should be a big tube of fabric now, sort of skirt like.

Dinosaur Tier Skirt

Sew the skirt and the waistband right sides together- find the center point of it and match it to the center of the front of the skirt and pin it in place.   Then sew slightly outside of the basting stitch.  Leave the ends of the waistband open so you can feed the elastic through.

Then sew the ends of the elastic together and try it on before sewing closed the hole in the waistband.  Then you too can have a silly dinosaur tier skirt!

Dinosaur Tier Skirt

*I am a bit bossy in this post/always…