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Edinburgh Scrapbook

I took a 5 day trip to Edinburgh recently, and decided to continue my travel scrap booking.  It wasn’t quite the mammoth job that my USA scrap book had been, and I just picked up an A5 notebook from a shop in Edinburgh.

It’s mostly photos, but I did also include a few other things like train tickets, restaurant business cards, and maps.  I got my photos printed out at Boots, where the 7×5 size was the closest to the size of each page of my notebook.  So I created collages of the photos in Picasa in 7×5, then cut out the individual images when I had printed them.  I used some full sized images, as well as a mixture of smaller sizes.  I left some white space to do some ‘journaling’.  I did a much better job of keeping it all chronological this time around, the America one all got a bit jumbled up.

I like that I used a note book from Edinburgh to use as my scrap book.   My next trip isn’t until October to Riga, Latvia and it would be nice to find another little book there to use but I’m not sure how much time we’ll have to go shopping.

Analogue Photos of Liverpool

I went to Liverpool on the bank holiday weekend and took my Canon Ixus camera with me.  I’ve posted photos using that camera before, most recently from when I went to America.  It’s an electric, analogue camera.  So basically, it has film and a battery- both of which are expensive.   It uses APS film which is super easy to use but gives a small field of vision.  Meaning that less stuff fits in the photo than your used to, so you can easily crop things out accidentally.

Like most film cameras the Canon Ixus struggles in lower light levels.  You can see in the top two images the difference it makes when the sun goes in!  The top images is much crisper while the bottom one seems fuzzier.  That’s a Superlambanana by the way.  They crop up around Liverpool.  Half banana, half sheep…or something.



Holiday Scrapbook

After my trip to America (New York and Washington DC) I thought I would try my hand at scrap booking.  I’ve kept a scrap book before but then lost interest in it, and it sits half-filled on a shelf somewhere.  For this project I chose a smaller scrapbook that would be dedicated just to this one trip.

Whilst I was there I kept hold of receipts, tickets, restaurant business cards, food packets etc  Anything really that I liked, that summed up the USA to me, or that reminded me of the trip.  I have the Rishi tea bag wrapper from my birthday lunch.  I kept the baggage check tickets from the very rude staff member (fond memories).  And I have the flattened Milk Duds box that kept me sustained for the first few days of jetlag in NYC.

I took a lot of photos with my phone, and a bunch with my digital camera.  So I could start planning it all out as soon as I got back. I did a lot of notes when I was planning it out- that’s how my brain works!  I listed the photos I wanted to use, the items I had to include, and also what we did each day to remind myself.  I still manged to mess it up and get two of the days the wrong way around!

But I also used film cameras (Canon Ixus and Diana F+) as well, and had to wait to get them developed before I could see if I wanted to use any of them.  So it dragged a few weeks annoyingly.   Below you can see a an image that boyfriend took with his phone (left), it’s off me with my film camera.  And you can see the photo I took of him with my film camera (right).  You can also see how much better digital cameras adapt in lower light levels!

It’s not perfect, some pages look a bit messy or odd.  But I’m pleased and plan to do it again when I go away in October to Riga.

Happy Holidays

I Have A New Blog!

jRegular readers will have seen my attempts to shoe horn my holiday photographs into my craft blog posts, well now I have a whole new blog entirely devoted to my travels!


So if you’re interest in seeing some snaps of the various countries I have visited (starting with my three week trip to America) and pick up some anecdotes and tips as well then head on over there!

Lomography Photography

Lomography Travel Pictures

A while back I bought a Diana F+ to take photos on my holiday.  The Diana usually takes a 120mm film but I bought a special back for it so it could take 35mm films which are cheaper and easier to get hold of.   The result is that the photos are smaller than what you see in the viewfinder so some stuff gets cut off around the edges, also you get the sprocket holes along the top and bottom.  The film was ISO 100 which means it’s not very fast and you have keep the camera really still throughout the long exposure time so some of them are a little blurred or grainy.  I took 33 photos and got 21 back but I quite like them though. *


Diana F+ Photos



Diana F+ Photos

* I also sent off a film of 12 colour 120mm but they said the film was blank!  I think it must have come open in my bag and ruined the photos but I’m not sure…


Scrap-booking- Holiday Inspiration!

Having just returned from an awesome holiday to Croatia, I already want to get back there!  You can probably see why by looking at the snap above.

After a few years of non-travel last year I went to Barcelona (for my 25th birthday), Venice (found cheap flights), and Gdansk, Poland (for my mum’s 60th birthday).  I decided I rather like this travelling thing, although it is just holidaying rather than full on travelling for now and want to keep doing it.  So this year we went to Belfast (for the Game of Thrones Exhibition/Our Anniversary), and Dubrovnik, Croatia.  And I decided before we went to Dubrovnik to buy a scrapbook to use as a travel scrapbook/journal.



I put in some pictures of my previous hols, as you can see above.   You can also see my little plastic wallet of supplies, which currently includes coloured pens, post it notes, and a newspaper article a friend from work cut out for me.  I have big plans to buy nice tape, ribbons, pockets etc to jazz it all up.  During my trip to Croatia I kept hold of some receipts, leaflets, coins etc to include in the scrapbook so it’s not just photos, which you can see to the right.

Below is the finished product (so-to-speak).  I printed pictures out on photo paper and they came out looking really nice.  I also glued in some small coins, and funny beans I got on holiday (the beans have smiley faces on them and came with our bill at the Dubrovnik Veggie resturant- Nishta).  I also turned my boarding pass into a ‘pocket’ to put the rest of the coins and beans in.  I also got a nice stone from one of the beaches we went to but its a bit big to stick in unfortunately…