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Insane Clown President by Matt Taibbi- Book Review

Boyfriend bought me a book for Christmas, Insane Clown President by American journalist Matt Taibbi.  Hmmm…wonder who that could be about???  Taibbi followed Trump on the campaign trail, and this is a collection of articles, ‘battery of dispatches’ says the blurb, he wrote along the way.  I don’t think it’s super clear from just glancing at the cover of the book that this isn’t actually a book he’s written on Trump but pre-written articles.

It does have the advantage that we can relive the election campaign joy.  And Taibbi does have an intro clearly written after the rest of the book and election so he’s had some time to digest what’s happened.  But the book doesn’t flow as well as it might.  And some of the chapters/articles are sort of stand alone, one where he ‘casts’ the movie of the election.  He asks who would play Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush in a movie, and I’m asking ‘which one was Marco Rubio again?’.  If you weren’t paying attention during the election then some of the references will be lost on you. Continue reading “Insane Clown President by Matt Taibbi- Book Review”