I have gone on holiday a lot recently!  So here’s a little visual travelogue, starting with the most recent first.

Dubrovnik, Croatia Sept 2013
Dubrovnik, Croatia Sept 2013

Croatia was the best holiday I have been on, boyfriend and I both loved it!  It was September but it was HOT!!  We went kayaking, scuba diving, cycling, and swimming.  The old city is beautiful but expensive and quite busy even though it wasn’t technically ‘in season’.

Belfast, Northern Ireland June 2013

This trip to Belfast was motivated by boyfriend wanting to see a Game of Thrones exhibition at the Titanic Museum.  We also went to Giants Causeway and a long rope bridge thing (which is apparently really famous?).  Belfast is really small for a capital city but we liked it and the weather was surprisingly sunny.

Gdansk, Poland Dec 2012

It was Winter, it was COLD! We went for a long weekend for my mum’s birthday and the extreme cold was quite fun.  Gdansk doesn’t really have that much to offer apart from a small ‘old city’ and cheap drinks.

Venice, Italy Oct 2012

Venice was still really sunny and for the first few days we had a really nice time hanging out by the water, eating pizza, and pushing people out of the way on the Rialto Bridge.  Then I got the worst food poisoning that has ever befallen anyone ever!!!And the next two days were less enjoyable!  My advice: DON’T DRINK THE WATER!

Barcelona, Spain April 2012

Barcelona was for my 25th birthday and I loved the architecture of the city- boyfriend hated it and we had some ‘words’ during the trip.  The weather didn’t help as it rained for most of the holiday and everything was too expensive for us to go inside.  But the trip we took to Montserrat (a mountain with monks) was pretty awesome.

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